Re-Member the Magnificent
Possibilities of Life

Promotes the Full Realization of each Individual through
Full Consciousness and Conscientious Development.

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This development is reached through Simplicity;
Shedding Constructs and Barriers that have limited our Potential
and Embracing the Flow and Lessons Learned from Pure Nature.

To Help You Re-Member

Alan Watts reminds you that
You Are God in Hiding

Rion's 19 year-old self waxes poetic on perspective -
Gospel from the Universal Mind

Rion's 25 year-old self breaking it down once again -
Duality, the Core, and Transcenden'

And just in case you forgot, it ain't just God -
You Are A Goddess in Hiding

Poetry in Motion


Mask or Raid

Alpha Bet Ticks

Peaceful Warrior, Goddess Worshipper

Saturn Returning to the Fasting Monk

"Travel to any part of the Universe without Moving"

Remembering the time when adventure, risk, and uncertainty were a way of life; where it felt good to fail beautifully, as it were just the next step in the cycle of infinite possibility to get to where you were meant to be, regardless of whether that was where you thought you were supposed to be…

Love the world; all of it, every single part
Get love from the world; milk it, play with it
Give more love than you knew existed
Cuz that heart of yours ain’t some fragile glass sculpture waiting to be broken
Nah… it’s an orb of energy surrounding you – your aura
It’s a ball that can’t be depleted
Only rearranged
And it swells to bigger proportions the more of it you give away
Because love of the world shows a love of self
And after all, every part of this world is a part of you
A reflection, a message
So listen, see, feel…
Be aware of creation, speaking to creation in the tounge of love
Because that tongue is the only tongue that speaks truth
Tattoo'd on Inside of Right Eyelid:

Tattoo'd on Inside of Left Eyelid:

© 2003