One nest we are born into,
one next to each other
like a figure eight of infinity,
connected paper dolls,
pay per dollars,
fear turning us towards consumption, isolation, disconnection;
refusing to see diversity as a necessary
ingredient of life;
instead, fearfully conquering
everything that does not look like us, behave like us, believe like us…
forcing all life – animate and inanimate –
into our conceived categories, uses, and worthiness –
trying to make ourselves magnificent
by stomping, leveling and destroying everything
that we perceive steals our center stage light…

However, this is another way;
yes, there is another way…
laying on the earth…
barring concrete, wooden decks or plastic mats
and touching ourselves directly to our mother without insulation –
staring up into the blackness
and noticing the pin points of light
that are still courageous enough to battle the electric glow of our cities.
Notice the sun, always consuming himself so that he may shine for us to see,
to be warmed by, to make plants grow, to allow us to exist
in our cyclical rotations and revolutions of gear work –
Are you kidding me when you say it was just dumb chance that we’re here together?
Synchronicity is divine intelligence, divine genius
and it is the joke, the reward, the surprise
of our intentions, challenges and connection
manifesting so that we may contemplate
the amazing placement and timing which allows
the alignment of thoughts, actions and feelings to click into oneness.

Nature Abuse No Use

Current stream of Nature Abuse is no use, only destruction
Greed can plead – “Need More!”
The Whore of Corporations will do anything for a dollar,
Holler, “Follower, thou art a borrower of other peoples fates!”
Mates, come and gone, on to

Alternate Realities
Where all Earth is shared in Peacemaker terms with all Humanity
Vanity no More!  Sanity is a Bore!
We’re all insane crazy, crazy insane in the brain
Cuz the brain talks nonsense – only analyzing, dissecting
Errecting walls of grief at the disbelief we are all connected to source
And therefore all one big family:
All the rocks, microbes, insects and fleas
Fish, birds, and, if you please reptiles;
Amphibians, too, and the mammals
I think I forgot a few;
The Water, The Wind, The Sun, The Moon,
The Earth, the fire than burns within
Connect within and see
Consciousness is NOT mind chatter
Flatter your heart instead;
Turn off head
Be Lead Instead by Love

© 2003