You are a goddess in hiding

You are a Goddess in Hiding; hidden away to protect the creative core from violators and scoundrels who destroy such innocent beauty as yours. 

And as you continue to nurture your body, mind, and soul, your energy increases and the divine grace of your being will continue to flow, grow, and show the universe around you  your inherent gifts, passion and honor.
I know not exactly where you are, but I do remember the journey – I’m still on it.  I can only encourage and support you in the amazing dance you are performing, remembering your deep connection to all things.
Explore with relentless courage, trust your intuition, express the full extent of your emotion, allow doubt and failure to be your favorite teacher, and take your fears out for a cup of tea to really face each other and discover the light within the shadow.
I must admit, I do not know you as others know you … what I do know, and more importantly, what I see and feel about you is pure potential becoming released.
Walk tall, brave goddess – your light, your laughter, your smile, your presence will inspire those around you to new heights.  Play with uninhibited passion and appreciation…

© 2003