soulful words inspired
by honey in the heart

My Book is opened before you;
I have no fears in Sharing myself
because I am Confident
that those who Connect with what I Create
are Secure within themselves...
and those who are do not
are not yet Ready for what I have to Offer...
Enjoy in Yourself
I will Enjoy in Me
Remembering the Secret:
Energy is Inner Chi

In Love with Life, Simply Put

I am in love with life, simply put.  So much beauty before me, I am not sure how to respond.  At first, I just drink it in, fully appreciating the unique and splendid energy of existence.  But as that drink begins to inebriate my heart, I fully appreciate the unique and splendid energy of existence.  I am overwhelmed, and for a moment stunned – I can only smile and look on…

As I continue to enjoy this object it begins to enchant me; I am compelled to move, to speak, to interact, to dance in order to illustrate to her how much I appreciate her contribution to this world. The way she moves; the way her eyes glow from within; giving proof that her beauty is not only physical but wells up from deep inside her.  My only desire is to connect with her, to share my passion for life, and to fulfill her fantasies.

Yet I am myself and I will never sacrifice my integrity, my honor, my desire to improve the world around me.  And she is herself, and I don’t want to change her, only to appreciate who she is and assist her in becoming the woman she has always wanted to be.

Perhaps she has another; …she must.  And he is mostly likely making the grade.  But he only keeps her static; he doesn’t encourage and challenge her life.  He is at best a warped and tarnished mirror for her desire; at worst, a limitation for her passion and imagination.  I can be her amplifier, her encouragement, her genie.  How do I let her know that the admiration and appreciation could be custom tailored to her desires...

No longer someone to fill a role, but I am the one who can satisfy her deepest desires and satisfy her completely; remind her that life is a game and that we can dance through it in such playful fashion.  How to open her mind to the possibility that combining our energies will make such a delicious recipe?  Only she has the answer, and to that question, I continue to play, in love with life, feeling life in love with me…


Duality of WeMoon

I’ve felt the duality of woman: domesticated vs. wild
The dreams and fantasies of a girl,
Who had boxed and protected her most sacred desires
To hide them from the scoundrels
Who scoff at and destroy such ideals.

Embrace the woman you have always wanted to be;
who you are destined to become
Shed the biases of your family, your friends, your enemies,
your society, your world
They prevent you from achieving what you truly want.

It is only you who can set yourself free;
I can break all of your chains, and tumble all of your walls,
But it will not affect you or me.

You see, none of these barriers exist;
When you realize that your core of existence is always accessible,
And you awaken from the world others have tried to keep you in,
You suddenly have all the strength and power you will ever need.

This is your dream; you are living it right now.
Let go of the woman bound by agreements she never agreed to;
Take the necessary action to set the wild, natural, sacred woman free!
And then, we can rejoice, we can celebrate, we can play…
As sacred man and sacred woman in tantric dance,
Smiling upon the world with genuine contentment and pleasure.

Santa Babylon

I live in a city surrounded by beautiful women
But the beauty most represented is physical, is shallow…
Very scarce is the sacred beauty I’m after… the beauty of soul

For so long I’ve searched for companionship in this world
For so long I’ve found such emptiness everywhere I’ve searched
And I realized the emptiness was inside of me

So I filled myself with spirit, with laughter, with play…
I emptied out my tears, my bitterness, my anger, my fear
And I found that I no longer search for companionship;
Companionship searches for me
And finds me a playmate beyond imagination…

Drinking Mana from the Saucers on Your Face

I spy, with my brilliant blue and yellow eyes… a glowing soul
Powering a glittering body to motion
Reminded of the dance of ocean…
Water passionately caressing sand
Surrendering with each pounding
Water surrounding, collapsing upon itself
Embracing the flow, taken everywhere
Searching; dipping in and out of every water source
To find those eyes of yours echoed in nature
I sink to the wettest and deepest depths
I penetrate the clouds to reach heights unknown
That stunning color of fantastic uniqueness
Exists only as eyes gaze into eyes
When I look away, trying to capture the color,
Mind fantasies of creative hues pale in comparison to the source
Fascinated and amused by the fact that mind records the art before it
Takes it all in, amplifies it, embellishes the finest qualities,
And animates the growing fantasy into the most satisfying and spectacular sight…
Eyes closed become eyes opened
Reality before me blows me down
The true color shines so radiant, so bright
Becoming aware that this alluring color, this attractive glow
Is completely illuminated by the soul
That powers… a glittering … body … to motion

all words have been inspired by
inner and outer beauty that dance thru my dreams...


© 2003