Alpha Bet Ticks

All Be Can, Did

Absolute Affection Assaults Anchors
Of Arrogance, Absence and Attitude
And attains Astonishment all around.
Anybody and Allbodies alluring Awareness away from
Brain, Bringing Back Balance
Both to Body and Beauty.
Because Beauty is believed
by Barbarians to be Body, but
Caretaker can create Celestial Celebration
in Common Creatures;
cuz Curious Children Concentrate on
Divinity Dancing Delightfully,
Diversity Declaring Decisively,
“Each and Every Entity is
Eternally Exciting, Enticing and Exotic.”
entertaining, enveloping, and exiting Enormous Egos

Can Dull

Caress closely,
Cover candidly,
Contours too Cautious to be Contaminated
with Delicate Devouring
done Diligently,
so that Every Effect
Endures Effortlessly,
Fixing Faucets from filling Fascination
with Flirtatious Fornication Fantasy

Sea Thru, Under... Where?

Stirring Sweaty Secretions,
Slowly Seducing Supple Sediment
into Silky Smooth Silt.
Soaring Sensations Sound Softly
Secrets Said Silently Say, “So Sexy.”
Satisfaction Spanks Slippery Shared Similarities;
Souls Sail Swiftly South, Supply Such
Tasteful Treasure to Tantric Touch,
Twisting Toes; Turning “Too Timid” into
“Totally Trusting Time’s Tables.”
Thrusting Thought thru the Trash,
Temporarily Tweaking Thinking
to Turn that Terrible Thing, that Thorny Trail
into Trackless Tactile Tangos.
Unwinding; Uncovering; Understanding
Universal Umbilicals Uniting
Uninhibited Users Undulating
Undercovers– Understars– Underseas–
Unifying Unexpected Urges
Upon Unending Undercurrents of Utopia


© 2003