Duality, The Core, and Transcenden’

“You are the Universe experiencing yourself from a particular point of view”
-Charles Long

Nov 19, 2001

We are all one.  More accurately, you are one with yourself; you are one with everything that is not yourself.  You are everything.  You are nothing.  You are one.  It is one thing to comprehend this statement from your particular point of view.  But it is something else to completely understand this is true by experiencing the whole.

Imagine yourself as an individual human being living on the planet Earth.  I know you can do this; you’ve been playing this game for as long as society has been able to mold you into believing it.  Just pretend for a second that all of your views, opinions, attitudes – everything that makes up your personality – is a product of circumstance.
Now think of this individual you have come to know yourself as, this personality, this point of view, as a window in a room.  Your soul is the person sitting in the room, looking out the window.  When your eyes are closed, so is the window; the room is your mind, the window your perception of the outside world.
Most of society has a very distorted window.  We all start out with a clear pane of glass, wide open to the world, but as more boxes and constructs are forced upon each individual, the window becomes clouded with residue, with dirt, and with paint.  By the time this individual has made it through adolescence into adulthood, the window is nothing more than a cloudy, limited view of the world.
Instead of seeing a tree, they can only see a leaf and a small branch.  Instead of seeing the beautiful sunset, they can only see a gray cloud.  Instead of seeing the absolute beauty and potential of another being, they can only see the physical appearance and perceived shortcomings.  But this what our society does to itself: to label, to constrain, to separate.
What if you were to shatter this window?  Suppose you were to break this template that has been assigned to you as attitude, personality, perception.  For the first time since you were little, you would suddenly realize that the world is so much more than you see.  That novelty lies around every corner, and that opportunity is available in every second of life.
Now that you’ve seen this beauty of the outside world, you get brave and you crawl outside the window and into the world.  When you look behind you, expecting to see a room with a broken window, you instead see the rest of the world.  You understand that the window, the room, and the individual is no more real than all of the filters that existed in your perception.  You are an inseparable part of everything you see and experience.
That is the theory; here is the practical transcendence:  This culture, this society was created to limit.  People feared other’s strengths, their potential, their beauty.  So they assigned them labels and forced those within the labels to behave to those standards.  Society is a fear of the realization of the complete potential of the universe; the unity and diversity of all things.  It creates distractions for people to realize how amazing they are and what incredible things they can accomplish.
What if you were to erase every construct in your mind?  Can you just imagine how free you would feel if your mind no longer held all those negative images and limitations?  How good would it feel to just let go of everything that is holding you back?
The reality is that YOU CAN LET GO – you are letting go right now, just by reading this, by your brain imagining it as a new reality.  This culture might not want you to let go, but that is their fear.  You see, there is a dividing line between what is going on in the outside world of society, and what is going on inside your mind in that place of fantasy, of daydream, of desire.  You may fight it at first, saying that society is too strong, too influential, that you can’t ignore the outside world.  But that is a lie.  Every time you fall asleep, when you get bored and can’t focus on the situation or what someone else is saying, or you just feel like drifting, your mind enters this world where reality doesn’t exist.  Where you take action on what you want, where everything unfolds according to how you envision it.
Daydreams, dreams, fantasies – perhaps you ask yourself, “Aren’t they are just a figment of my imagination?”  Your imagination is your mind.  Your mind determines your perception.  Your perception determines your reality.  Understand this: All reality began as fantasy.  Before you took action, there was either a conscious or subconscious desire in your mind to make something happen.  You think: “wouldn’t it be great if {fill in your fantasy here}” – so you take a few steps in that direction, synchronicity snaps into place, and before you know it, you have created a new reality for yourself.  This is how you create reality with your intention in every moment.
So let’s start with this fantasy and see if we can’t work it into realty.  Every negative thing that has been told to you or that you have come to accept as a limitation is due to fear.  Fear is paralysis of the mind, closing off the internal ears to the music of the soul, causing you to remain static, if not run in the opposite direction, of your goal.  But the greatest thing is that there is nothing to be afraid of.  The balance of all things in this universe, and therefore the governing nature of the universe, is benevolent, is nurturing, is kind-hearted.  When you embrace this warm energy that wells up from within us all, you can feel it melt away all the bad thoughts and memories in your mind.
Next you may explore this thing called control.  Control is having the power to make your situation behave exactly as you wish.  Power is an empty word: those who strive for power will never obtain it; those who don’t seek power have all the power in the world.  Some say that synchronicity is the one in control; that all of time and space will always connect in such a way to improve the overall condition of the system.  What does that give us control or power over?  Once again, the answer is found inside our minds – the way we perceive life, create intentions.
Your mind now discards unnecessary traits: limitations, labels, the strive for power, the necessity to control everything.  Your mind feels lighter, now unburdened by all these silly constraints that have been weighing you down.  You just relax and notice for the first time the beauty of life, with all of its conflict, paradox, and unity is neither good nor bad, it just exists.  And with this realization, you continue to become more aware, more aroused, more excited about the absolute potential and creativity that is simultaneously before you and deep inside of you, accessible always, waiting for you to direct it or be directed by it; either way, you are one flowing organism.
You are pure beauty, pure spirit, pure energy.  Your present moment and the extreme enjoyment of this situation is based on the amount of fun you can stir up in your mind:  The more silly, the more bizarre, the more novel, outlandish, and extreme your fantasies, the more vivid and fulfilling your reality becomes.  The language of mind – memory, thought, fantasy – is just as important as the language of body – words, action, presence.  Be aware of the thoughts you think and the words you use to describe yourself, your situation, your environment.  Clean out the cobwebs of the mind, reprogram the brain, and change up your vocabulary to reflect what you want to create deep inside that place of fantasy.  Everything is possible.  First imagine how much fun it is, then experience the joy of living it.  You are the one you have been waiting for.  The possibilities are as infinite as your imagination.

© 2003